Hi, there!

I’d like to share a list of resources that helped me build/run this blog.

Here’s the list of things I used

  1. Hugo - A static site JAMstack generator built on Golang
  2. Novela by Narative - A theme ported over from Gatsby to Hugo
  3. Netlify - For continuous deployment and “hosting”
  4. Forestry CMS - For editing and creating posts. Headless CMS
  5. ConvertKit - Funnel + Newsletter Pop Up Form
  6. Substack - Newsletter service provider
  7. Umami - Self Hosted Web Analytics and Tracking
  8. Uphold - Web Monetization API and Payment Handler
  9. Commento - Comments
  10. JSON Formatter - JSON format and validator
  11. PWAStarter - Icon, Splashscreen, and Manifest JSON Generator
  12. PWABuilder - Advanced Service Worker Snippet + 2D Inking(Drawing) Web Component
  13. Cloudflare - DNS, DOS Protection and Content Delivery Network
  14. Cloudfront - Image Content Delivery Network provided by Netlify(thinking of switching to Cloudinary but seems like too much work)
  15. Clipboard.js
  16. Prism - Syntax Highlighter
  17. Google Font API - For the DM Serif Display font being used in headings
  18. Zapier - For automatic syndication to social media
  19. Web Share API - For a native-like sharing experience
  20. PayPal - Payment Processor For Support/Contribution Buttons
  21. Buy Me Some Coffee - Same as above
  22. Buttons Social - For the share buttons I have
  23. Adobe Spark Post - For the logo
  24. Amazon Associates
  25. Jumia Affiliates
  26. ESNTLS Affiliates
  27. JadeBlack Affiliates
  28. Santa Lucia Fragrance Affiliates
  29. Binance Refer
  30. Coinbase Refer
  31. Skillshare Refer
  32. NordVPN Affiliates
  33. Truehost Affiliates

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