Stephen Ajulu

Stephen is an I.T consultant, web developer and graphic design with over 5 years in experience. He is also a content creator and the editor in chief of The Noesis Ke. Want him to take a look at a product, service or tool? Then Email Him→

Share Buttons For Hugo

Do you have a hugo blog? Need some share buttons? Here are some i made and use.

On Becoming a Man With Resources

Here I go deeper explaining what you need to become a man with resources. Dive in!

On Becoming a High Value Man

Today I'll explain the steps to becoming a high value man

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021

Here we cover cryptocurrencies that I think you should invest in, if you are interested in creating a cryptocurrency investment portfolio.

5 Places To Spray A Fragrance On For A More Powerful and Long Lasting Effect

Here I'll tell you 6 places to spray or apply a fragrance eg Perfume and why you should spray them in these locations

5 Must Have Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

Here are 5 must have Edge Browser Extensions + a bonus

App of The Week #1

Here's the app of the week

Web Tool of The Week #1

Starting a weekly series where i post web tools(websites) that can help you do a wide variety of things from compressing images to making them transparent to helping you build a blog. This week's tool is Lunapic.

My Favorite Android Apps 2021

Hi there, here are my favorite android apps of 2021 that I use on a regular basis

How To Build An MVP

Do you have an idea? Don't know programming? Do you want to test it? Today i answer all these questions and help you build your minimal viable product of your idea and test it's performance in the actual market for FREE!

My Favorite Android Apps

We all have those apps that we love and cherish, apps we use on a daily basis. Here are some of mine..

Starlink, Elon Musk's Satellite Internet Will Soon Be Launched in Kenya

Starlink, SpaceX’s project that involves deploying thousands of satellites to space for internet access may be coming to Kenya.

How To Invest

Learn how you can start investing and exploit compound interest. Learn to get more than 10% interest unlike the 7% that banks give you.

Must Have Eye Wear

Here we take a look at the important types of eye wear to have that will not only enhance your looks but prove to be practical to have

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