Stephen Ajulu

Stephen is an I.T consultant, web developer and graphic design with over 5 years in experience. He is also a content creator and the editor in chief of The Noesis Ke. Want him to take a look at a product, service or tool? Then Email Him→

Gradient Wallpaper Pack Version 1 is Out

Gradient Wallpaper Pack Version 1 is Out. It contains 61 wallpapers.

Ajulu's Thoughts Tech Stack

Here's how Ajulu's Thoughts was built

Key Ideas In "The Big Fat Surprise" by Nina Teicholz

A breakdown and listing of points found in "The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz"

Investment Opportunities

Here are ways/places you can invest in

How to Become Healthy + My Tips

Here are simple and easy to integrate tips that I believe will help you get your health back and keep it

Resetting My Wardrobe

Recently i decided to reset my wardrobe, learn more as to why.

Web Tool of The Week #2

Web App of The Week Award Goes To Adobe Spark Post

App of The Week #2

App of The Week Award Goes To Simplenote by Automattic

Introversion Sucks, But....

Here i talk about my curse which is also a blessing

How To Add Schema JSON-LD to Your Hugo Blog/Site

Here's a simple way to add schema json-ld markup to your hugo blog or site

Top 100 Most Common Passwords + Precautionary Measures

Top 100 Most Common Passwords + Precautionary Measures

10 Cybersecurity Tips That Might Save Your Life and Your Data

We are in the information age, where if i need your phone number i google you and find it. Here are tips and tricks that might save your life!

My Automatic Feed Item URL Shortener and Sender to Email

Yes, that's it's name 😁. Made a tool i can't use. Come, read what this is about.

Simple Web Share for Hugo

Are you a blogger using hugo? Then here's how you can add a native share button built using the Web Share API simply

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